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Pete Bethune Resigning From Sea Shepherd
October 5, 2010 Mark Hubert Blog We Need To Change

This was posted earlier today on Pete Bethune’s Facebook page.  All in all it seems like this may be best summed up by the last quote i put on this page from Pete “The oceans need SSCS to be successful, but we also need them to be honest to the public that support them.”  Maybe the oceans need them both!  I’m sure its not the last we will hear from him or Sea Shepherd.  Sea Shepherd released a statement via there website and is linked to below.  I will keep you updated on future news.  His words after the break.

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Pete Bethune’s New Facebook page
August 4, 2010 Mark Hubert Blog Facebook Marketing Marketing Social Media Marketing We Need To Change

You may know him as the founder and skipper of Earthrace (world record for going around the globe in a boat, and they did it with biofuel!)  or from the Ady Gil and the Sea Shepherd Crew on the TV show Whale Wars.  Pete has made the world a better place by creating awareness for anti whaling, renewable fuels and sustainable living.  I  think it may say it best on the Earthrace website:

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