Pete Bethune’s New Facebook page

You may know him as the founder and skipper of Earthrace (world record for going around the globe in a boat, and they did it with biofuel!)  or from the Ady Gil and the Sea Shepherd Crew on the TV show Whale Wars.  Pete has made the world a better place by creating awareness for anti whaling, renewable fuels and sustainable living.  I  think it may say it best on the Earthrace website:

“So is that the end of the story?

Search on Google for ‘Ady Gil collision’…or ‘rammed’…or ‘sunk’, and you’ll find well over 4 million links to items of news for each search.  There are millions more documenting the journey of Earthrace.  There are also pages on facebook, petitions, photoblogs on flickr, hundreds of videos on youtube…

So at least our beautiful boat went down continuing to create news across the globe, drawing attention the scurilous practice of whaling (in the name of ‘research’) and to our own human impact on our environment.  Job done!

The story isn’t over though. To date, no-one has been held responsible for the sinking of the Ady Gil as the Japanese have refused to cooperate with either the Australian or the NZ Maritime Authority investigations.

Will a new Ady Gil ever be built?

Will Pete start up his own eco-organization (although it could be said that he already has his own as the whole Earthrace project that he started back in 2005 was dedicated to helping the environment by increasing awareness of the use of renewable fuels and sustainable living)?“

See what is next for Pete and support his cause by liking his profile! Pete, If I can help in any other way Just let me know!

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