Video Marketing in 2010 – Don’t Get Left Behind!

Article written by Louise Marsden

If you’re into Internet Marketing at the moment, you’ll have realized that Social Media Marketing is absolutely huge and one of the best ways of utilizing Social Media is by using Video.

Video Marketing in 2010 is without a doubt the most powerful ‘free’ marketing method available and the ‘quickest’ way to bring you results. If you’re not using video marketing at this point in time you’ll definitely get left behind.

Strangely enough, it’s the one thing that people put off doing, probably because they think it’s too complicated, or costly but actually it’s not and once you know how, it’s easier that writing an article.

So why is video such a great way of advertising? – Because it’s the easiest way to ‘brand’ yourself as a leader and the quickest way to drive traffic to your web site.

What video does is it allows you to create trust and credibility; people can actually get to see what kind of person you are and get to know you and like you. It enables you to position yourself as a leader, and as you know people like to follow leaders.

And then there’s the ‘viral’ aspect of Video Marketing; YouTube is the third biggest search engine on the Internet; a massive two Billion’ (yes Billion) people use YouTube every day and people have the tendency to share videos quickly and easily across the social Networks.

Google also loves videos, you’ll notice if there’s a video about a subject it is much more likely get to the first page than anything else.

Of course as with everything there’s a right and a wrong way to do it if you want to get noticed.

Firstly you need a good use of keywords, and secondly you need to give ‘value’ – there are thousands of marketing videos out there, all saying the same thing; ‘check out my this’, ‘come buy my that’- so if you want to stand out, instead of being like the 95% of people who are just pushing their system, what you need to do is address your prospects problems; – what do you think they might need to know? – How can you help them? What is their ‘pain’?

If you address their needs and wants like this they begin to see you as a leader, someone they feel will be able to help take them from where they are now to where they want to be.

Just remember; ‘People buy personality and ideas long before they buy products and

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