Intuit and Why Mobile Matters with extra on Mophie payment system

In this video from  Tech Crunch TV they interview Jeff Clavier.  Jeff is the Chief architect at Intuit and he talks all about the company’s new consumer and mobile payment initiatives.  Lets forget about Turbo Tax and Quick Books (witch you may already use at your business) for a few minutes and learn about what else we can expect out of this great company.

Great Links:


Dealhood has launched on the IPhone already


Engadget article on the Mophie and Intuit partnership along with press release

Video of the Mophie marketplace product before they aligned with Intuit

So what do you think of the new products and the view they have at Intuit?  Is the Mophie payment system a game changer?

This is not an image of the Mophie cred card readerCreative Commons License photo credit: david roessli

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