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Importance of web video to your marketing
October 4, 2010 Mark Hubert Blog Video Marketing

Blendtec has blended many things and done a great job with web video.  So well in fact that they have increased there sales 700% and reminded people how good there blenders are.

This video from Web Marketing Today talks about a few creative ideas in online video marketing.

Blendtec does a great job drawing attention to there products using online video.  Here is one of them blending a Vuvuzela for all of you that watched the world cup.

This post is just to get you thinking.  Get the wheels spinning and ideas flowing.  Have you thought about online video for your company?  Do you currently use this media to promote?

Do you have a great video idea for your business? Need help coming up with some ideas?

I can handle all your business marketing needs from social media to feature films,  Just give me a call or Email.

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